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This Stuff Works!


"I am a 38 yr old female that has 7 surgerys in 6 years. always sick and in pain. I have been on coral calium for 6 weeks and loving it. it has made a wonderful defferance in my life I will never be without this product ever.thank you Robert Barefoot you are a God send!" *results may vary

T. Smith,

I Can Sleep Naturally Again!


"For the last 9 years I have been on many medications for insomnia. All of them would only work for a few days before they were useless. Coral Calcium Supreme has allowed me to sleep naturally again! Praise the Lord for this find. It has also taken most of my arthritis & bone inflammation pain away as well! I love this product so much that I have become a distributor!" *results may vary

M. Watkins,
Wilmington, NC

Worth Every Penny


"My husband has been living with chronic knee pain after a failed surgery to repair a ligament tear he experienced in high school over 20 years ago. He hasn't been able to take time off from work (6-8 weeks) to get it fixed so he has been taking ibuprofen 2-3 times a week so he can live with it. Begrudgingly, he started taking Solarcal-D on my insistence. "Just give it a month", I said. After only one month, I asked him if he could feel a difference and he said he doesn't feel the soreness nearly as much and he isn't having to take the ibuprofen like he was before. That is worth every penny! I just bought 2 more bottles so I can start taking it, too! Thanks!" *results may vary

J. Bohl

No more reflux!


I have been taking 6 capsules of coral calcium per day for the last 4 days and I have not taken my prevacid for the last 4 days. I have had reflux for over 20 years and have been on prevacid every day for the last 7 years.....first time I can actually replace a $4 a day pill that has side affects, with a $28 a month bottle of natural product (Coral Calcium Surpreme) Thank you so much." *results may vary

Sheila, IL



"I have had problems with my teeth for years haveing had root canals done and teeth pulled I had a tooth that had abscessed for 8 months without the dentist being able to find it when he finally did the tooth had to be pulled but the gum area where it had come out stayed severly tender and the jaw bone in that area was always hurting until coral calcium within 3 days the pain had almost completely disappeared and it has been two weeks and I cant beleive the improvement in my teeth and jaw bones thanks so much Mr. Barefoot for letting us know about coral calcium." *results may vary

Wendi, Michigan

Thank You


"Approximately a year ago I was diagnosed with a heart condition, PVC's. I had them constantly. I could not walk to the mail box and back without having to set down. Anyone who has experienced PVC's knows how frightening they are. I ordered the Coral Calcium and in a matter of a few days I felt like a different person. I have not experienced PVC's since. I have been on the calcium for 6 weeks now!! I am only 49 years old and I thought my life was over. Thank you Mr. Barefoot for sharing your knowledge and putting it in a capsule!!!! God bless you" *results may vary

D. Criswell,

Morning leg cramps are gone!


"Not only do I not have leg cramps in the morning (which had previously occured every morning) I sleep without tossing & turning all night long, this after 3 days of use! Great product." *results may vary

M. Dorn








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Discover Why Marine Grade Coral Calcium from Okinawa May Be The Most Perfect Calcium Supplement EVER!

The best way to get Premium Calcium Nutrients is with Coral Calcium that contains Marine Grade Coral Calcium from Okinawa, Japan.

Most coral calcium products today are made from inexpensive fossilized coral that is dug out of the ground. It has virtually no magnesium and most of the trace metals and marine microbes have been washed out by millions of years of rain.

The Japanese government commissioned studies to determine why the people of Okinawa live ten years longer than mainland Japan and why they are virtually disease free while having youthful bodies.

All three studies concluded that it was due to the calcium in the coral water, "coral calcium". Remember that marine coral calcium has been consumed for hundreds of years by hundreds of millions of people.

It has the perfect biological 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium, and it is loaded with trace minerals and marine microbes to help digestion.


Sleeping 100% Better


"Hi, I just wanted everyone know what a great product this is. When me and my husband started taking it ,we were having problems sleeping and had little energy. Shortly after we started ,we were sleeping 100% better and had plenty of energy. We ran out and we bought some at the store. It was supposed to be just like the one on t.v. it said. Well it wasn't ! It did nothing for us. I just ordered more and believe me we will not run out again. Keep up the good work Dr. Barefoot. What a great product!" *results may vary

P. Cudnik,
Baltimore, Md.

Over Time, Acid Overload will Destroy Your Health

Is Your Body Acidic?

When it comes to recognizing imbalances in the body's pH (acid-alkaline ratio) many health care professionals simply do not consider it or give it the importance it deserves.

The body is constantly working towards pH balance, and chronic imbalance leaves us open to disease. When the body's fluids become too acidic, minerals are pulled out of the bones and tissues to compensate. Overly acidic tissues also leave the body susceptible to inflammation which is a know risk for many chronic diseases.

There are no recorded statistics, but we believe that the majority of people are affected by low grade or higher metabolic acidosis because of the modern diet which is deficient in fruits and vegetables that contain adequate mineral content.

You can make a change! Simple changes in your diet and supplementation with Coral Calcium can improve your pH balance within just days, weeks or months depending on your level of mineral deficiency.

So, if you want the best, marine coral calcium from Okinawa get the Bobs Best Coral Calcium 2000!

Coral Calcium Supreme


  • The "Original" Coral Calcium
  • Banish low energy and fatigue
  • Slow premature aging
  • Boost your immunity
  • Eliminate constipation

Click Here To Order Now

We're so confident that you'll absolutely love Coral Calcium Supreme, that if you're not satisfied with the results you get we'll refund you're Purchase price... Guaranteed!

At Coral Calcium Direct, Inc. we distribute products which we know and use personally. Solarcal D Coral Calcium by Bob Barefoot is the new infomercial product to hit the air soon. The Disease Conspiracy will also air soon, watch for them on your local TV channels.

Less Pain Every Day!


"I've played a lot of sports , and have been banged up a bit, everything from knees to nerve damage in my neck and I've been on this stuff for about a week and feel the pain leaving. I have more energy and my mood is getting better. It's unreal! Even some of the people I work with can tell and I'm talking them into getting some. Thanks a ton!" *results may vary

South Jersey

No More Acid Reflux


"I started taking Coral Calcium October 2002 because of all the claimed benefits. The test showed my ph is 6.5-7. Slightly acidic. I just realized today, 2/28/2003, I haven't had acid reflux for months. I was experiencing it at least once a day, sometimes twice." *results may vary

Blue Springs, Mo

Bob's Best Coral Calcium 2000


  • America's "Best" Coral Calcium Supplement
  • Twice the Value without the Cost
  • Soothe stiff joints
  • Ease breathing difficulties
  • Clear up skin problems
  • Restore memory loss

Click Here To Order Now

High Quality Products by Robert Barefoot including Coral Calcium Supreme, Bob's Best Coral Calcium 2000, Oxy Supreme and Vitamin D3. A new Book! The Disease Conspiracy, The FDA Suppression of Cures is now Available.

Healing Without Pain


"2 weeks ago I had back surgery, A friend of mine told me to take Coral Supreme before the operation and to continue after I got home. This is the second and hopefully the last back operation I should have. I was miserable after the first one and I feel great this time. I recommend Coral Calcium to all my friends." *results may vary

New Jersey

Solarcal D Coral Calcium


  • Bob's newest supplement
  • Simple powerful Marine Coral Calcium
  • And natural vitamin D3
  • Supports natural sleep
  • Helps flush away acid overload
  • Super charge your health

Click Here To Order Now

Always In Stock, Fast Shipping, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Bob Barefoot only uses 100% Marine Grade Coral Calcium from Okinawa Japan in his formulations.

There is a Difference - Don't be fooled by other products using inferior essential ingredients.

Bob's products use the highest quality of all ingredients. SMP 44 Marine Coral Calcium, Cesium and Aquamin Celtic Sea Minerals - GUARANTEED!

Surprise in 2 and 1/2 Weeks!!!


"I was off work again because my knee had mysteriously gone out on me and I could not walk. earlier in the year my back had gone out on me. I was flipping channels and watched part of your infomercial. I decided to try coral supreme basically for my bones. I have been taking it for 2 and 1/2 weeks and the painful eczema on my heel I have had to tolerate for 11 years has cleared up! I have tried everything the doctors have given me and nothing worked. i can't wait to see what else it does! THANK YOU!!!" *results may vary

J. Maag,

Official Distributor for Robert Barefoot Since 2001


  • We Only Supply Authentic Bob Barefoot Products.
  • The "Bob's Best" Products are the Only Supplement Line Which Carries His Picture and Signature on the Label.
  • You deserve to receive the highest quality natural products available.

** When Purchasing Robert Barefoot Products Look for the OFFICIAL UPC Code **

The Bob's Best Products you receive from CoralSupreme.com will carry the Official UPC Code. All Authentic Robert Barefoot Products have this bar code except the New Solarcal D. If you are purchasing products that do not have the code shown below, you are receiving an inferior copycat product. These other Coral Calcium products may be using ineffective and unproductive low grade ingredients.

I Can Finally Sleep


"Since taking your Coral, I can sleep the entire night. I feel so good." *results may vary


Epidemic levels of heart disease, brain problems, high blood pressure and joint problems plague people from all around the world. In a time of high tech medical services and knowledge, we have not reduced some of the most basic health problems which strike millions of people each year.

You are lead to believe that Nature's most important nutrient is being supplied in adequate amounts in your food! You are being robbed of your health believing that the foods you are eating that are fortified with Vitamin D is enough.

The problem is that the vitamin D often added to your food and that is in most vitamin supplements is the synthetic form called vitamin D2. It is worthless and cannot be used in any beneficial amount by your body. It could even be harmful! The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that vitamin D2 could actually increase your cholesterol and cause inflammation in your joints and arteries.

Your body needs Natural Vitamin D3 called Cholecalciferol. The World Health Organization reports that 90% of us are dangerously deficient in this crucial nutrient. You can solve this simple problem by supplementing with Bob's Best Natural Vitamin D3. Just one small capsule 3 times a day with meals provides the beneficial protection your body craves.

Bob's Best Vitamin D3


  • Decreases your risk of heart and brain disease.
  • Protects your cells from damage.
  • Energize your immune system to help your body fight off infections
  • Helps to Stop Bone Loss and Strengthen your Bones.

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